Nancey Green Leigh, Associate Dean of Research for the College of Design, stands in front of bookcases in her office.

Welcome to Research in the College of Design

Welcome to Research in the College of Design

Georgia Tech’s most active research collaborators are in the College of Design – and we’re proud to have this reputation. We promote a culture of research that actively engages faculty, research scientists, students, and staff.

Our research is grounded in the College’s core academic disciplines of architecture, building construction, city and regional planning, industrial design, and music. It is also highly interdisciplinary and collaborative, cutting across the various disciplines in the College, the Institute, and the wider research and practice community.

The work in our research centers and faculty labs falls under the broad umbrella of improving quality of life, standards of living, and the environment. Our faculty and research scientists’ strengths in blending design and technology (hardware and software) are accompanied by essential strengths in planning, policy, and spatial analysis.

Opportunities for Students

We operate under the motto that “research informs teaching and teaching informs research.” There are opportunities for students at all levels to work on research projects within the College.

Because of the strong role that studios and workshops have in the curriculum, students develop and apply their research, design, and analytical skills in the classroom. They may work on solutions for real-world problems found close to home in the Atlanta region or as far away as China or India.

The College of Design has a rich and rewarding history of working with outside partners on research questions and problems. For example, we work with environmental and economic development nonprofits, healthcare institutions and equipment manufacturers, architecture and construction firms, music technology and wearable computing companies, and a wide array of city, state, and federal government agencies.

Become a Partner

Our research partners may come to us with specific research projects and problems, or, ask us to identify promising or critical areas of research that they can support. We win competitive awards from major foundations and government agencies. And we employ our skills and technology in research for local and state organizations.

We welcome existing and new partners to engage with our culture of research devoted to advanced problem solving in the 21st century!

Contact Nancey Green Leigh

Nancey Green Leigh, FAICP
Associate Dean for Research
College of Design
Professor, School of City & Regional Planning
+1 404-894-9839


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