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Georgia Tech College of Design

Formerly known as the College of Architecture


Design, the Georgia Tech Way

We think it's important to understand how technology enables better design, and how to fuse that technology into buildings, products, lifestyles, cities, regions, and even healthcare.

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'The Glide' Wins Guthman!

Keith Groover's hands are shown holding his musical instrument, 'The Glide'.

Designed with accessibility primarily in mind, "The Glide" is an instrument that uses accelerometers to control sound.

Keith Groover, from Spartanburg, South Carolina, invented the instrument. It uses acceleration to change volume, tone, pitch, and attack, while a small handful of buttons select the initial pitch, legato, and transposition.

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Guthman New Musical Instrument competitor Alice Barbe poses in front of a brick wall.
Meet Alice Barbe, The Next Generation of Guthman

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Our five schools use rigorous design methodologies to create products, buildings, neighborhoods, cities, and human experiences.

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Our broad range of degrees use design to shape how people live.

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Solving global problems and improving human experiences.

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Our researchers use design thinking and technology to bring you innovative products and practical approaches to living.

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