A black and white photo of the East Architecture Building from 1952.

More Than a Century of Design Education

More Than a Century of Design Education

The Georgia School of Technology, as it was known from its founding in 1885 until 1948, formally began teaching architecture in 1908.

In that year, Preston A. Hopkins of Boston was appointed to organize a curriculum for the study of architecture and teach an entering class of 20 students. The new Department of Architecture granted its first degree in 1911, making Georgia Tech one of the first public universities in the United States to offer an architecture degree.

After World War II, with enrollment exploding, the Georgia School of Technology officially was re-named the Georgia Institute of Technology and the School of Architecture was formed. The new School kept expanding its program offerings – adding Industrial Design in 1940, City and Regional Planning in 1952, and Building Construction in 1958.

The Master of Architecture was added as the first professional degree in 1973. In 1975, with an enrollment of nearly 1000 students, the College of Architecture was formed. A doctoral program was added in 1982 and in 1991 the Music department became the sixth academic program of the College.

In 2010, all of the programs were reorganized into five schools within the College of Architecture, each with their own administration, faculty and degree programs.

In 2016, the College was renamed the College of Design.

Leadership Through the Years

  • Preston A. Hopkins 1908-1909
  • Francis P. Smith 1909-1922
  • John Skinner 1922-1925
  • Harold Bush-Brown 1925-1956
  • Paul M. Heffernan 1956-1975
  • William Fash 1975-1992
  • Thomas D. Galloway 1992-2007
  • Doug Allen (interim) 2007
  • Alan Balfour 2007-2013
  • Steven P. French 2013-2021
  • Michelle Rinehart (interim) 2021-2022
  • Ellen M. Bassett 2022 - present


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