A photo of the three-story "Rapunzel Bench" in the West Architecture Building.

A broader definition of design

A broader definition of design

Because we are a part of Georgia Tech, technology is an essential part of our work, as is research. We use the design process to develop new technologies, anticipate the future of buildings and environments, and change the way people experience art, things and their immediate surroundings.

Unlike traditional art and design schools, we consider design as the intersection between technology and how we engage in the world. We regularly dig into the science behind what is clearly an art elsewhere. We draw the connection between design and technology, emphasizing human experiences, from products and soundscapes, to living in buildings and cities.

Our design research encompasses today's most pressing human and built environment issues, from accessibility, sustainability, and smart cities, to ground-breaking efforts in spatial analysis and music technology.

We are accredited.

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Our Unique Approach

Our College strives to improve several design disciplines, with a heavy dose of technology.

Teaching Design Since 1908

We began by teaching Architecture more than a century ago.

Design in the Heart of Atlanta

Our facilities stretch from Westside to Midtown Atlanta.

Your School, Our Future

Help our students design a responsible and effective future.

Consider Working With Us

Join the faculty, researchers, and staff of Georgia Tech's most creative college.

Catch the Latest Exhibit

Innovative work from students, faculty, and alumni are on display in our gallery.

See and Hear What We Do

We invite students, faculty and research scientists from every corner of the Institute to collaborate and innovate with us. We're inviting you, too! Whether you're a prospective student, a local entrepreneur or one of our impressive alumni, we welcome you to tour our buildings, attend our concerts and lectures, or experience our exhibits.


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