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Research Centers and Labs

Research Centers and Labs

Our six research centers focus on a range of crucial issues, many of which impact our daily lives. Our topics include the development of cities and regions, the healthcare environment, helping those with physical limitations, and new ways to create music.

Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation

AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center and the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA) into one supercenter dedicated to an inclusive society through innovations in assistive and universally designed technologies. 

Executive Director: Chantal Kerssens

AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center is committed to promoting technological innovation and developing effective user-centered products and services for individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to address unmet accessibility needs in government, non-profits, and corporations by providing products that benefit those with physical or cognitive impairments. AMAC is a leader in content engineering in the postsecondary arena and conducts research and development on a variety of electronic information and assistive technologies in an effort to increase accessibility globally. 

CATEA is a multidisciplinary engineering and design research center dedicated to enhancing the health, activity and participation of people with functional limitations through the application of assistive and universally designed technologies in real world environments, products and devices.

Digital Building Laboratory

The Digital Building Laboratory's purpose is to develop a strong research and development link between the building industry and the building research-related capabilities of Georgia Tech to improve the innovation cycle.

Director: Dennis Shelden

Center For Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization

The Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization, formerly the Center for Geographic Information Systems, is a leader in the development and application of geo-spatial technologies for nearly 20 years. With a strong track record of interdisciplinary research collaborations at Georgia Tech and across the nation, the Center has helped local, state, and national governments, not-for-profits, and private enterprises in planning, maintaining, and evaluating critical infrastructure for sustainable urban growth.

Within the Center is the IMAGINE (Interactive Media Architecture Group in Education) Lab, composed of researchers and students with a mission of serving the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) community. Primarily, the IMAGINE Lab provides exemplary applications of cutting edge, architectural visualization technologies; and prepares students in the use of these technologies. It is housed in the Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization.

Director: Subhro Guhathakurta

Center For Quality Growth and Regional Development

The Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development produces, disseminates, and helps implement new ideas and technologies that improve the theory and practice of quality growth. We help society achieve a sustainable, equitable, superior quality of life through sound planning, policy, and design.

Director: Catherine L. Ross

Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology

The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology is an international center for creative and technological research in music, focusing on the development and deployment of innovative musical technologies that transform the ways in which we create and experience music. Our mission is to provide a collaborative framework for committed students, faculty, and researchers to apply their musical, technological, and scientific creativity to the development of innovative artistic and technological artifacts.

Director: Gil Weinberg

SimTigrate Design Lab

The SimTigrate Design Lab is an interdisciplinary research effort dedicated to driving healthcare innovation through the integration of evidence-based design and simulation. The SimTigrate team seeks to transform healthcare, predict and optimize outcomes and decrease cost.

Director: Craig Zimring

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