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Summer 2020 Classes

Summer 2020 Classes

Students can sign up now for College of Design online summer courses. We offer several classes that fulfill Georgia Tech humanities and social sciences credits. Current students can register until May 15, 2020!

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Click on any of the cards below to be taken directly to the classes offered by that school this summer! If you have any questions, please reach out to the school directly.

Building Construction

City & Regional Planning

Industrial Design

School of Architecture

EARLY Short Session

ARCH3007 Art & Architecture in Greece (Counts as a Humanities Credit)

ARCH3017 Architecture Studio 5

ARCH3135 City Literacy (Counts as a Social Science Credit)

ARCH4016 Architecture Studio 6

ARCH4017 Architecture Studio 7

ARCH4833 Special Topics: REVIT

ARCH6030 Core 3 Studio

ARCH6007 Art & Architecture in Greece

ARCH6050 Design + Research Studio

ARCH8803 Special Topics: City Literacy

ARCH8833 Special Topics: REVIT

ARCH8833 Special Topics: Media + Modeling for Core 3

LATE Short Session

ARCH2111 History of Architecture 1 (Counts as a Humanities Credit)

ARCH4151 History of Urban Form (Counts as a Humanities Credit)

ARCH4833 Special Topics: Prototyping

ARCH4833 Special Topics: Shape Grammars

ARCH6105 History of Architecture 1

ARCH6316 Practice of Architecture 2

ARCH6508 Shape Grammars

ARCH7151 History of Urban Form

ARCH8833 Special Topics: Prototyping

Full Summer

ARCH2020 Media + Modeling 2 

School of Building Construction

EARLY Short Session

BC4050 Building Information Modeling

BC4130 Integrated Design Construction & Development

BC4700 Construction Management

BC4803 Special Topics: Construction Technology Project

BC6005 Tech Applications in the Construction Industry

BC6025 Construction Management

BC6050 Building Information Modeling

BC6550 Design & Construction Processes

Full Summer

BC6975 Evolution of a Deal

BC8803 Special Topics: Real Estate Development Law

BC8833 Special Topics: Impact Design Development

BC8903 Special Problems: MRED Capstone

School of City & Regional Planning

EARLY Short Session

CP2233 Sustainable Urban Development

CP6595 GIS System Design & Management

Full Summer

CP4020 Intro. to Urban & Regional Planning (Counts as a Social Science Credit)

CP4052 Sustainable Cities Studio

CP4310 Urban Transportation

CP4510 Geographic Information Systems

CP6514 Intro to GIS

CP6596 GIS Capstone Project SUM

School of Industrial Design

EARLY Short Session

ID2242 History of Art 2 (Counts as Humanities Credit)

ID2320 Human Factors in Design

ID3103 Industrial Design Computing 1

ID3104 Industrial Design Computing 2

ID4823 Special Topics: Intro. to Graphic Design

ID4823 Special Topics: Accessible and Inclusive ICT 

LATE Short Session

ID2202 History of Modern Industrial Design

ID3320 Design Methods

ID4833 Special Topics: ID Minor Capstone

Full Summer

ID2401 Visual Design Thinking

ID3824 Special Topics: Vertical Studio

ID4450 Portfolio Development


School of Music


MUSI3630 History of Jazz

EARLY Short Session

MUSI3450 Survey of Music Technology (Counts as a Humanities Credit)

MUSI3630 History of Jazz (Counts as a Humanities Credit)

LATE Short Session

MUSI3450 Survey of Music Technology

Full Summer

MUSI2700 Intro. to Music Theory (Counts as a Humanities Credit)

MUSI4630 Music Recording & Mixing


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