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Georgia Tech College of Design

Formerly known as the College of Architecture


Industrial Design Undergraduate Program

Georgia Tech Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

Industrial design is the professional practice of creating products that enhance the function, usability, value, and appearance of products. The ultimate goal is to benefit the user, manufacturer, community, and the environment.

Industrial design education prepares students to design systems and tangible artifacts including products, equipment, transportation, and environments. Both generalist and specialist, industrial designers tend to be part artist, part entrepreneur, and part engineer.

Why Industrial Design at Georgia Tech?

The undergraduate program in industrial design leads to a Bachelor of Science degree that is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Graduates of the program are fully prepared for careers in design practice or for graduate education in industrial design and related fields.  The industrial design program at Georgia Tech is the only industrial design program in the University System of Georgia.


Cross-disciplinary education is the primary focus of the four-year industrial design program. The program offers a well rounded course of study with an emphasis on critical thinking, basic design, design skills and design communication.

Students are encouraged to develop a diverse background that will allow them to expand their individual talents and to respond to the emerging opportunities in the field. Faculty members are scholars and design practitioners, giving students the opportunity to learn about both.

Design Studio

There are six industrial design studios after the two common freshman year studios. The industrial design studios focus on a sequential learning path, from form making, to product design, to post design, which involves development and manufacturing.

Beyond the Bachelor's Degree

The undergraduate Industrial Design program provides students with the skills needed for entry level positions in industrial design.

Undergraduate students who wish to dive deeper into industrial design theory and practice, are encouraged to apply to the Georgia Tech graduate programs in Industrial Design or Human-Computer Interaction. The research-driven graduate education prepares students to identify problems, face future challenges, and take on leadership roles in education and practice.