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Brad Davis (MCRP ‘08) and Byron Rushing (MCRP ‘06) cited by FHWA for ARC’s Walk. Bike. Thrive! Plan

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) awarded Walk. Bike. Thrive!, the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) bike-ped plan, with a 2017 Transportation Planning Excellence Award. Two School of City & Regional Planning alumni led the planning process. Brad Davis (MCRP ’08) was the project manager for consultants Alta Planning+Design, Inc. and Bryon Rushing (MCRP ’06) was the project manager for  ARC.  Other team members included: ARC Executive Director Douglas Hooker, John Orr, Collin Chesston, Kat Maines (MCRP ’16), Aileen Daney, Ian Sansom, Cat Cheng, Charlene Mingus (MCRP + MS/CE ’15), Ann Welch (MCRP ’17), Kim Tatum (MCRP ’16), Anna Nord (MCRP Class of ’17), and Sara Douglas (MCRP Class of ’18). 

Walk. Bike. Thrive! supports ARC’s long-range transportation planning while giving local governments the tools they need to build high-quality, low-stress walking and biking networks and the supporting policies. The plan gives an in-depth analysis of regional safety, health, transit service, equity, and regional trail access, as well as data useful to local officials pursuing projects.

“It was a super fun project and we hope it will create a positive shift in how the agency and local partners plan and prioritize investments in walking and biking in the region,” Davis said.  

The Transportation Planning Excellence Awards are presented by FHWA together with the American Planning Association to celebrate outstanding practices performed by planners and decision makers in communities across the country.  Judges consider community involvement, context sensitive solutions, innovation and effectiveness, equity, implementation, multimodalism and potential for long-term benefits. 

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