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AMAC Honored as a Leader in Digital Accessibility at the United Nations

At a United Nations event in December, AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center was honored with an award for Leadership in Digital Accessibility. With over a decade of providing digital textbooks in accessible formats, AMAC’s trusted brand has been recognized internationally.

Presenting the award was longtime collaborator and AMAC partner, G3ict, the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies.

“To receive the award, especially in the United Nations headquarters in New York, was an honor,” said AMAC Executive Director Christopher Lee. 

Providing over 6,000 digital textbook orders in 2016, AMAC’s relationship with publishers and the internal efforts of their e-text team have made the textbook process easy and painless for students around the country. AMAC has worked hard to build relationships with publishers through the AccessText Network in order to provide accessible textbooks to students directly from the source. If the book isn’t available, the in-house e-text team is there to provide the book in a timely manner.

AMAC, a research center at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, is poised to lead the digital accessibility frontier by helping students gain access to the tools they need to succeed in higher education in alternative formats. By taking textbooks and ensuring that they are easily navigable digitally, students that couldn’t access the information before are able to receive the same opportunity.

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