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Georgia Tech College of Design

Formerly known as the College of Architecture

Liam's Legacy Symposium: The Right to the City

Join the Service Learning Community Engagement Council (SLCE) for the 2014 Liam's Legacy Symposium. 

Each year the Liam's Legacy Symposium celebrates the life and legacy of Liam Rattray, a remarkable student whose indefatigable activism and commitment to social justice was cut short just days after his graduation in 2011.

This year's theme takes inspiration from Henri Lefebvre's notion of the Right to the City -- that everyone, especially the most marginalized and disenfranchised, has the right to participate in making and reshaping their cities and urban environments. This radical idea provides a platform for many of Liam’s passions and an alibi for bringing together many of Liam's friends and fellow activists:

Tony Romano, Organizing Director with the Right to the City Alliance is the keynote speaker. Imran Battla, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance; Carly Queen, City and Regional Planning/Civil Engineering graduate student and environmental activist; and Erica Louise Richards, HTS major and intern with the Westside Atlanta Land Trust, will join Tony Romano to discuss how one might think about and work toward racial, economic, and environmental justice within the framework of a right to the city.

Event Time: 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 16:30 to 18:30


Clary Theater, Bill Moore Student Success Center




Jessie Brandon